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Fret no more over choosing the perfect gift! In the Astrology Zone´s Gift Guide by Sign, Susan Miller suggests wonderful gifts appropriate for both men and women of each astrological sign. From fun ideas for those shopping on a budget, to guidelines for choosing those once-in-a-lifetime extravagances, these handy tips will guide you throughout the year.No doubt, gift giving is an art, and can be quite a creative, heartfelt expression of emotion. Most of us need a little help. How you approach gift giving says a lot about you, revealing what you value and how you view the one you love. A fine gift selection shows tender admiration, empathy, warmth or a host of other feelings for the recipient. A great gift is one that the recipient is thrilled to receive, doesn´t desperately need and never expected to get - and the element of surprise is also a worthy goal. After receiving a meaningful gift, the recipient feels more deeply understood - and closer - to the giver. If we are to delight, we need to spend time putting ourselves in the recipient´s shoes. Too often, the gifts we give reflect only our preferences and has not enough do with the recipient´s lifestyle or desires. On Valentine´s Day, more is riding on sending the right message and in creating the right outcome. That pressure can result in a less creative gift, such as ´´sure winners´´ - a box of chocolates and a card or a bouquet of flowers from the corner florist. While there´s nothing wrong with those gifts, if it looks to your beloved like your assistant selected it, it will always lack that extra bit of oomph and sexiness that can only come from you having spent a little time thinking about the gift. You´ll have to take a risk once in a while, too, for as they say, no risk, no reward. Here we go! Remember, listen to other suggestions, too. Some gifts are fanciful and expensive, while others are realistic, inexpensive and practical. It´s a list meant to get you thinking! 1. Language: English. Narrator: Susan Miller. Audio sample: Digital audiobook in aax.

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