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Wünschen Freundschaftsarmband Beste Schwester
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^^Diese liste ist für ein Armband^^ Tell her how much you care with this delicate bracelet to the best sister with a real color zircon (8 mm), sterling silver and black thread (fits any wrist size). Make a wish and tie the bracelet around your wrist or ankle. Whenever it wears off your wish will come true. Your bracelet will be set against a gift card (180 grm2) saying TO THE BEST BIG LITTLE My wish came true when I asked for a biglittle as great as you Zircon colors Red, pink, yellow, green, amethyst, champagne. _^^^^Please, choose the language for the card^^^^_ Have your sister wears this bracelet as a reminder of your love. Mix and Match these beautiful bracelets, the more the merrier!! Shipping will be made in 1-2 days upon payment clearance. Please, visit my other listings! Happy shopping!

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