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Dubrovnik & Dalmatian Coast Marco Polo Guide
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Marco Polo Dubrovnik & Dalmatian Coast: the Travel Guide with Insider Tips!Experience all of Dubrovnik´s attractions with this up-to-date, authoritative guide, complete with ´Best Of´ recommendations. You´ll discover excellent hotels, restaurants, where to shop, trendy places, local nightlife, tips for shopping and getting by on a tight budget, as well as ideas for children, sports and numerous other activities. Also contains: the Perfect Route, Travel Tips, Links, Blogs, Apps & more, Travel with Kids, Croatian phrasebook, and index. Dubrovnik is a holiday paradise, but one that has been transformed, with high-class hotels, elegant restaurants and a vibrant nightlife. MARCO POLO Dubrovnik & Croatian Coast leads you to one of the top destinations in the Adriatic. The calm, often austere beauty of the islands and bays, the crystal-clear water, the romantic settings of medieval harbour towns full of historical gems are just waiting to be discovered. Insider Tips reveal how you can try your hand at becoming a lighthouse keeper and where to find the dreamiest bays.The ´Best Of´ pages highlight some unique aspects of Dubrovnik, recommend things to do for free, and contain tips for rainy days and where you can relax and unwind. You´ll find out What´s Hot in Croatia, such as diving for ancient treasure. The Trips & Tours include the island of Vis and the Plitvice Lakes; in Sports & Activities you´ll find numerous listings for adventure and water sports. The Dos & Don´ts tell you what to do when the Bora wind blows up and why you should stick to the footpaths. MARCO POLO Dubrovnik & Dalmatian Coast provides comprehensive coverage of the region. To help you get around there´s a detailed road atlas inside, useful maps of Dubrovnik, Split, Trogir and Zadar Town in the backcover, plus a handy pull-out map.

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