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Der Shopping-Center-Markt Istanbuls aus Sicht e...
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Der Shopping-Center-Markt Istanbuls aus Sicht eines deutschen institutionellen Investors: Deniz Ülkü

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Tokyo: Holiday FM Travel Guide , Hörbuch, Digit...
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This is the Official Holiday FM Travel Guide to Tokyo, including information from the Foreign and Commonwealth Office’s Know Before You Go campaign.Tokyo: the city of the rising sun. Japan´s capital and the country´s largest metropolis, Tokyo is one of the world´s most populated cities, and a fascinating mix of traditional and modern. Cutting edge technology glitters beside ancient temples, with skyscrapers towering above marvellous religious shrines. Flashing neon lights bathe kimono-clad denizens and soberly dressed hordes of corporate warriors alike, amid the frenzy of electronics outlets, office districts, and upscale boutiques in glitzy emporiums.Tokyo is a city with a history and a heart that captivates every visitor. This audiobook is designed to be listened to before you go, on the plane or whilst you are walking around town. The audiobook features 10 tracks you can listen to when you’re out and about. Including: 1. Tokyo: An Introduction 2. Before You Go3. History 4. Tokyo By Area5. The Sights6. Food & Drink7. Nightlife8. Shopping9. Culture10. Out Of Town 1. Language: English. Narrator: Sarah Kerr. Audio sample: Digital audiobook in aax.

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