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Hamburg: Its the Elbe River, the harbor, Alster manors, districts in the scene, the Reeperbahn, clubs, museums and theaters, local art, shopping, and relaxing on river shores. City travellers will easily get their moneys worth in this vibrant, multifaceted city. Along with its well-known sights, such as St. Michaels Church, HafenCity, the Reeperbahn, and the Speicherstadt, Hamburg will allure you with an array of hidden attractions you can reach by ship, subway or on foot. This updated guide is an ideal aide for single-handedly exploring all sides of Hamburg: •Hamburgs main sights and museums as well as descriptions of lesser-known attractions and neighborhoods •Fascinating architecture, from old Kontor buildings to the Elbphilharmonie concert hall •Four distinct city paths through Hamburgs most interesting quarters •Things to do on a weekend trip •Excursions to Altona, Ottensen, and Blankenese •Where to shop, including the Fish Market and various malls •The best pubs and restaurants, and what to know about local cuisine •How to spend your evenings, whether at a musical or a bar with a view •Stories and histories: dignified Hanseatic citizens, rough port workers and St. Pauli hustlers •Relaxing and dreaming in Hamburg: Elbe River trails and city parks, such as Planten un Blomen, Hirschpark, and Alstervorland •Selected accommodations, from the low-priced to the extravagant •Practical information about arrival, prices, transportation, tours, events, emergencies ... •All points of interest featured in the book are linked to Google Maps. Their locations and directions there can be displayed with one click or press •A map of downtown Hamburg is integrated in the ePub. The CityTrip series, by the renowned German travel guide publisher Reise Know-How (travel know-how), features over 130 destinations, making it the most comprehensive collection of city guides published worldwide. This ePub version originates from the German print version. Hans-Jürgen Fründt has been familiar with Hamburg since his early youth. As a boy, he could be found romping around soccer fields. At the age of seventeen, he had braved through an apprenticeship, then struggling through many university semesters before idling away in an office for a few years. Today, he lives in the bacon belt of the Hanseatic city in southern Schleswig-Holstein and works as a freelance writer, with a focus on the topics of Spain, Schleswig-Holstein, and Hamburg. The photographer Susanne Muxfeldt has also been familiar with Hamburg since her childhood. During her research for this book, she marvelled at many things which had previously gone unnoticed. Viewed with a curious eye, it was all suddenly very different.

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