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Dear Host Family, My Name´s Ginely, I´m architecture student, My hobbys are the photography focus in architecture and the portait, cooking desserts and learning new languages, I speak spanish and english I have had some experiences caring my nephew, niece and little cousins they are between one and fourteen years, I usually take care them at the weekends or in the afternoon when their moms have to work or making some diligence, In that case I have to give their food, helping with their homework, playing soccer or another games for don´t bored them, helping with the shower, put their clothes and in some case I have to accompany to their moms at some childre´s party or shopping in the supermarket. Besides the childcare I love reading books, listening to music, watching movies, traveling and exchange thoughts about other cultures and other ways to life. I love cooking expecially the desserts and also I like to share my knowledges of the cooking.

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