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Dailies Total 1 - 30 Lenses
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Daily lenses that dry out during long periods of wear and irritate your eyes are now a thing of the past! Dailies Total1 from CIBA Vision are revolutionary daily lenses made from modern silicon hydrogel which optimally supply the eye with moisture. revolutionary daily lenses silicon hydrogel with water gradient highest possible oxygen permeability First-class wearing comfort Dailies Total1 daily lenses offer you an integrated water gradient. The lens core contains 33 percent moisture. Towards the surface the moisture content increases and reaches a water content of 80 percent on the innermost surface of the lens. This water content approximately corresponds to the proportion of H2O on the surface of the eye. Thus, the soft lens of the brand CIBA adapts itself ideally to your eye. The daily lens achieves a high level of lubricity. This means that the friction between eye and lens is minimal. Your eyes are optimally supplied with moisture all day long and the wearing comfort remains constant. In addition, the contact lens allows a particularly large amount of oxygen to reach your eyes. Comfortable usage CIBA Vision Dailies Total1 contact lenses are renewed daily. You simply place new, sterile lenses on your eyes each morning. There is no additional inconvenience of cleaning or storing the lenses. Since the contact lenses are fresh each day, dirt doesn´t have a chance to collect on the lens. Irritation of the eyes is avoided. Extra-long wearing times The soft daily lens is to be recommended in particular for long periods of wear. You can wear the Dailies Total1 for many hours without a loss of comfort. This lens is also ideally suited for those who want to wear contact lenses for the first time. Order Dailies Total1 from MrLens Conveniently order Dailies Total1 daily lenses made of silicon hydrogel in a pack of 30 from our online shop. With MrLens, ordering online is easy. Simply place the desired product in your shopping basket, then buy it online with just a few clicks.

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