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Crete Marco Polo Pocket Guide
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´´Marco Polo Pocket Guide Crete: the Travel Guide with Insider Tips. Explore Crete with this handy, pocket-sized, authoritative guide, packed with Insider Tips. Discover boutique hotels, authentic restaurants, the island´s trendiest places, and get tips on shopping and what to do on a limited budget. There are plenty of ideas for travel with kids, and a summary of all the festivals and events that take place. Let Marco Polo show you all this wonderful Greek island has to offer. Crete is a world unto itself. Greece´s largest island juts out of the sea like one massive mountain range, reaching heights of almost 2,500 m. Everyone can find what they are looking for here: sandy beaches as far as the eye can see, secluded coves, wild gorges, and lots of culture after all the island was home to the first advanced civilization in Europe. With Marco Polo Crete you can find out where you can go mountain biking, play golf, windsurf, dive, sail and ride. This is Crete!

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