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Abro Tasche - Piuma Braided Shopping Bag Light ...
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Innen: Innenfutter aus grauem Textil ein Hauptfach ein Reißverschlussfach ein Steckfach Logogravur Außen: geflochtenes, graues Leder zwei Henkel (ca. 50 cm) abnehmbarer Logoanhänger fünf Standfüßchen Die Puppe ist 178 cm groß und trägt Kleidergröße 32... Weitere Designertaschen und Accessoires auf!

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Grocery Shopping Guide - How to Save More Money...
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So you went to get eggs from the grocery store and an hour later, you are loaded with bags of grocery that you had no idea you needed. Also, your wallet is lighter and bank balance an inch closer to the red. If you have so far been sleepwalking through grocery shopping trips, without a plan or purpose, then this book is for you ! Author of Grocery Shopping Guide: How To Save Money On Grocery Shopping , Juha Öörni likes to think of it as an art; an art that has everything to do with how food ends up in pantry and money in your bank. It all starts with you and slight strategic change of approach to the ordinary task of grocery shopping. In this book, you will find tried and tested strategies to improve your supermarket game plan, all the way from haphazard to on point. This easy to read handy book helps you with: HOW TO GO GROCERY SHOPPING ON A BUDGET REASONS TO MAKE USE OF A GROCERY SHOPPING LIST HOW TO SAVE MONEY ON GROCERIES GROCERY SHOPPING STRATEGIES FOR PEOPLE WHO HATE TO SHOP HOW TO MAKE GROCERY SHOPPING EASIER Good Health and wealth is a journey that starts at the grocery store, as you will soon come to agree with the rich information that this book will supply you with. Happy shopping!

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Critical Shopping Experiences
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There is a recent marketing trend to make shopping a positive experience for the consumer. A pleasant store environment is created with lights, music, an attractive store layout, and friendly service personnel so that shopping has become fun, just like a

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Travelers Paradise - Paris - Paris France Shopp...
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Travelers Paradise: Paris France Shopping & Travel Guide Stroll through the city of light. Go to the essence of the place. The streets, parfums, tastes and sounds that make Paris France unique. Photography, art, creativity that gives its individual inspiration. With this beautifully and gorgeously packaged book. Travelers Paradise: Paris France Shopping & Travel Guide takes readers to the most charming streets of the city, presenting the secrets and jewels best kept in every corner, a detailed insight into the fast evolving worlds of food, wine, pastry, coffee, parfums, fashion, and design in the charming city of Paris. The book is a beautiful piece in its own. The accessible writing invites readers to dive in and out and gives the past and background information for each place on the journey. Visually loaded and totally exciting, Paris is a treasure for lovers of art, style, design & food. So dont waste time! We give you amazing facts and belief that are accessible to you quickly when in Paris. Travelers Paradise is your guide to the treasures within. Welcome to Paris, city of light, where you will find style, elegance, and a vibrant creativity to rouse your senses and stir your imagination. The Travelers Paradise shows us the City of Light as never before... dont visit France without it!

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Euphoria in Light Grey - Hellgrau -
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This bag is a modified version of my most sold Poetry bag.. The Euphoria in Light Grey is a beautifully crafted bag made out of pleats (pockets) on the front . It is a large bag that can fit laptops or books or use it as diaper bag. Euphoria in Light Grey bag has two outsite pockets on the front and zippered top closure. It is made from top quality cotton canvas fabric, it is fully lined high quality cream cotton too. Uses Daily, School, Collage, Weekly, Diaper, Book or magazine tote, Tote bag, Travel, Everyday, Purse, Market, Shopping, Teachers bag, and much more Dimensions 16 inches opening (42 cm) 12 high (31 cm) 4 deep (10 cm) 16 single strap (41 cm) Adjustableremovable strap 23 to 43 (58 cm to 110 cm) Notice Because of the unique and handmade nature of this purse the measurements above may be differ a small bit from the real one. Dimensions may change according to your demand. Please just contact with me for this. Color This bag has a very beautiful light grey color. (You can choose different colors in my shop.) The bag shows the color will be different screen settings and display card Fabric Outside This fabric is very high quality light grey 100% cotton canvas. Inside Lining is high quality grey and 100% cotton. For this bags lining is available colours alternatives Cream, turquoise, black, purple, red and gray. Pockets It has two outside big pockets an inside big pocket two pen slip an inside big zippered pocket a cell-phone pocket and a swivel clip for the keys. Closure The bag is a zippered top closure. (You may order with a magnetic snap closure instead of zippered ones.) Handles a single shoulder strap, a removableadjustable strap.. Hardware Silver tones hardware connect the bag with the single strap plus removableadjustable strap. There are more bags with different color and design on my shop httpen.dawanda.comshopbayanhippo Please contact me with any questions about the different design and model details with convo or by e-mail bayanhippo(at!) All products have been produced in a smoke-free environment. Although we love pets, we do no have one. Copyright © 2011-2012 BayanHippo All Rights Reserved

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Eschenbach EasyPocket like a credit card with l...
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Quality product of Eschenbach Optik Germany, easyPOCKET - the tiny lens with powerful magnification Whether you wish to read the small text printed in the programme when you´re sitting in a darkened theatre or study the wine list in a restaurant with subdued lighting after the performance, whether you want to read the contents printed on packaging whilst you´re out shopping or decipher the small print when you´re signing a contract - whatever your needs, easyPOCKET, the illuminated pocket lens no larger than a credit card and with a thickness of only 6 mm, should be your companion at all times. Featuring an integrated SMD-LED, easyPOCKET provides optimum bright and brilliantly illuminated magnification in all light conditions. What´s more, easyPOCKET is not just a lens, it´s a stylish and elegant accessory. The high quality, diffractive aspheric lens, the SMD-LED and the batteries are all protected in the glass fibre reinforced casing. The state-of-the-art LED light, which allows the design of the easyPOCKET to be ultra-thin, is automatically switched on when the lens is pulled out - this conserves battery use and prevents the light from being switched on by mistake. Technical information: Diffractive aspheric optics 50 x 45 mm, 8.0 dpt / 3.0 x SMD-LED light Supplied with batteries Batteries: 2 batteries, 3 V, type CR2025, approx. 6 hours operating time

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