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In Fifty Years We´ll All Be Chicks...: And Othe...
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´´A couple years back, I was at the Phoenix airport bar. It was empty except for one heavy-set, gray bearded, grizzled guy who looked like he just rode his donkey into town after a long day of panning for silver in them thar hills. He ordered a Jack Daniels straight up, and that´s when I overheard the young guy with the earring behind the bar asking him if he had ID. At first the old sea captain just laughed. But the guy with the twinkle in his ear asked again. At this point it became apparent that he was serious. Dan Haggerty´s dad fired back, ´You´ve got to be kidding me, son.´ The bartender replied, ´New policy. Everyone has to show their ID.´ Then I watched Burl Ives reluctantly reach into his dungarees and pull out his military identification card from World War II.´´ It´s a sad and eerie harbinger of our times that the Oprah-watching, crystal-rubbing, Whole Foods-shopping moms and their whipped attorney husbands have taken the ability to reason away from the poor schlub who makes the Bloody Marys. What we used to settle with common sense or a fist, we now settle with hand sanitizer and lawyers. Adam Carolla has had enough of this insanity and he´s here to help us get our collective balls back. In Fifty Years We´ll All Be Chicks is Adam´s comedic gospel of modern America. He rips into the absurdity of the culture that demonized the peanut butter and jelly sandwich, turned the nation´s bathrooms into a lawless free-for-all of urine and fecal matter, and put its citizens at the mercy of a bunch of minimum wagers with axes to grind. Peppered between complaints, Carolla shares candid anecdotes from his day to day life as well as his past Sunday football at Jimmy Kimmel´s house, his attempts to raise his kids in a society that he mostly disagrees with, his big showbiz break, and much, much more. Brilliantly showcasing Adam´s spot-on sense of humor, this book cements his status as a cultural commentator/comedian/complainer extraordinaire.... 1. Language: English. Narrator: Adam Carolla. Audio sample: Digital audiobook in aax.

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Nine Lives to Die
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NATIONAL BESTSELLER ? NAMED ONE OF THE BEST BOOKS OF THE YEAR BY SUSPENSE MAGAZINE Rita Mae Brown and her feline co-author Sneaky Pie Brown return with a mystery starring Mary Minor ´´Harry´´ Haristeen, intrepid kitty sleuths Mrs. Murphy and Pewter, and Tee Tucker, the ever-faithful crime-solving corgi. This time around, Harry and her animal friends track a killer whose trail has gone as cold as the weather in December. NINE LIVES TO DIE Winter has come to Crozet, Virginia, bringing with it a fresh blanket of snow. Harry and her husband, Fair, are hip deep in their usual end-of-the-year activities: distributing food to needy residents, and shopping for outfits for the Silver Linings youth organization´s annual fundraising gala. But buried beneath the white stuff are dark secrets from Crozet´s past-and Harry and her posse of pet detectives are determined to sniff them out. Two Silver Linings mentors have been found dead in suspicious circumstances. If that weren´t enough to chill the bones of the locals, a pair of severed human fingers has turned up in a pencil jar in the bookkeeper´s office at St. Cyril´s church. What does this grisly display have to do with the mysterious disappearance of Harry´s voluptuous high school Latin teacher, a quarter of a century ago? Maybe nothing. But when the animals make another gruesome discovery in the woods behind Harry´s farm, it becomes clear that terrible crimes have been committed in Crozet-and somebody´s gone to great lengths to cover them up. It´s time to stop shoveling snow and start digging for clues. The truth will be revealed. A cold case will be solved. And a twenty-five-year-old love triangle is about to get untangled. The weather outside may be frightful, but Harry and her four-legged friends refuse to be spooked off the case. Praise for Nine Lives to Die ´´Witty and entertaining . . . a recipe for continued success and an engaging read.´´-Richmond Times-Dispatch ´´The unabashed loves of [Rita Mae Brown´s] life . . . are infectious. Perhaps because they are so clearly heartfelt, it´s easy to be swept up in the glory of her passions.´´-New York Journal of Books ´´Murder and mayhem are the order of the day in bestseller [Rita Mae] Brown´s well-plotted twenty-second Mrs. Murphy mystery. . . . Brown´s idyllic world, with its Christian values, talking animals, and sympathetic middle-aged pet owners, has understandably struck a chord with many readers.´´-Publishers Weekly ´´Rita Mae Brown, along with . . . Sneaky Pie, have made Harry Harristeen and her feline companion, Mrs. Murphy, household names.´´-Library Journal Praise for the Mrs. Murphy mysteries ´´As feline collaborators go, you couldn´t ask for better than Sneaky Pie Brown.´´-The New York Times Book Review From the Hardcover edition.

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