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Neptune King and the Artifact
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Neptune King and the Artifact is the 28th book in this detective series. When Neptunes sister, Mermaid Griffith goes on a shopping spree in Italy buying gifts for everyone at home, she has no idea just how much trouble her generosity will cause. The trouble starts that very night with her and her husband none the wiser as to why theyre being targeted. First their hotel room is broken into, twice, and their belongings ransacked, then to her dismay she is no sooner home than her house is also broken into. The Griffiths stay at Neptunes house overnight mostly to stop Mermaid spending all night cleaning up the burglars mess, but they are woken during the night to an intruder in Neptunes house, who manages to get away. Neptunes interest is captured instantly and volunteers his and Sharks services. Little does he know that this will be the first of many broken nights sleeps. Thanks to John Griffith being a Superintendent at Scotland Yard, Chief Inspector Daniel Dowling is assigned to the case and sets about trying to trace and identify of the burglar. However, when the burglar is found dead in Neptunes office, it takes the case up a notch and introduces an unknown entity into the field. Someone who is willing to kill to get their hands on Neptunes gift: someone who has already killed twice in Rome, and followed the burglar to London. The threat is real and deadly. No one related to or associated with Neptune is safe as this mystery killer wont hesitate to kidnap one of them to use as leverage to force Neptune to hand over the artifact. Neptunes house goes into lock down, with new security measures and the Griffiths, and Shark and his family move in with him for safety. Numerous attempts are made to get at them with several close calls. Neptune knows that this is no ordinary criminal theyre dealing with. Hes a professional. Hes from Italy...draw your own conclusions.

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