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Lanzarote Marco Polo Spiral Guide
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Visit Lanzarote´s mercados (´´markets´´), go for a free tour on an Aloe Vera Farm or take a trip to Arrecife, the island´s largest city. Lanzarote awaits! Inside the Lanzarote Marco Polo Spiral Guide:Top 10 sights: From the top down to make it easy to prioritise! That Lanzarote Feeling provides tips to help you experience the essence of the island and its locals. Get under Lanzarote´s skin and see what makes it tick. Don´t miss: Each chapter highlights the absolute must-sees for each area and what to do at your leisure if time permits. Chapters: The North, The Centre, The South and Timanfaya, Fuerteventura. Organised by area; each chapter explores the most important and interesting sights. Restaurant recommendations, the best shopping streets and the hottest places to go for a night out are listed at the end of each chapter.Perfectly planned itineraries for each area including the best places to eat and drink along the way, each with its own map, make exploring easy and stress-free for Perfect Days in Lanzarote! Coverage of Teguise, Jameos del Agua, Fundacion Cesar Manrique, Cueva de los Verdes, Arrecife, Puerto Calero, Puerto del Carmen, Parque Nacional de Timanfaya, La Geria, Playas de Papagayo and more. Street Atlas & pull out map: The best of both worlds! Some people prefer an atlas while others prefer a separate map - Marco Polo Spiral Guides have both! The separate, fully indexed pull-out map is handily placed in a high-quality plastic wallet at the back of the guide, which can also be used as a storage pocket.Top 10 reasons to come back: For those undecided about a return visit...there is a list of Top 10 reasons to come back again!

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