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Make an E-commerce Site in a Weekend - Using PHP
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Make an E-commerce Site in a Weekend: Using PHP is a step by step practical guide that explains how to build e-commerce sites using PHP - a very popular server-side scripting language designed for web development. The book takes you through the steps of installing a server using WAMP, configuring MySQL for your product database, creating your product database and tables, and writing the required PHP scripts for accessing and inserting data into the database. It then details how to create shopping carts for your customers and how to set up secure payment and processing options. Even if you are an absolute beginner and dont have much programming experience, you can build a responsive, powerful, and fully featured e-commerce site quickly using the information in this book. What you will learn: Create and maintain your e-commerce website using PHP scripts. Create, edit, and update your product database using MySQL. Manage visitors to your site, create custom forms, manage session handling, and more. Manage shopping carts and shipping information Receive money through different payment modes on the sale of merchandise. Who This Book is For: This book is for people who want to quickly set up their first e-commerce site. The book addresses beginners w ho dont have a deep experience in programming languages. It teaches how to build professional fully featured e-commerce websites using PHP. The book uses practical, step-by step examples to explain all of the topics required in designing, creating, and managing an interactive e-commerce web site. Bintu Harwani is a computer programmer and Web developer with several years of experience building content-driven Web sites using a variety of Web development technologies including PHP, Ruby, Rails, and more.

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