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Mipro Ma-708 Pa
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ntees powerful and clear sound and offers an ideal public address solution for medium to large crowds. *Bluetooth is not yet available in all countries at this time.Ideal applications include:• Schools• Places of worship• Presentations, seminars and meetings• Shopping center & trade show presentations and promotions• Aerobic & fitness centers• Parades & fetes• Street performers• Recreational & social activities • Hobby & leisure clubs• Weddings & funeral services• AuctionsKey Features• Lightweight Class-D amplifier produces 190-watt audio output.• 1 titanium compression driver & 8 woofer.• Industry’s only remote wireless master level control with use of an optional ACT-32HR transmitter microphone.• Master volume with ´´Memory” and ´´Standard” mode options. ´´Memory” mode saves and recalls last volume level during next power on. ´´Standard” mode resets to zero level.• Up to 4 optional diversity receiver modules with 16 auto-scannable frequencies.• One-touch Scan & ACT sync button for fast and easy channel set-up.• Built-in Bluetooth music player for wireless audio streaming.• Retractable handle and sturdy wheels for easy transport.• Built-in storage compartment for 2 HH or BP transmitters.• A voice priority feature that mutes the music when wireless microphone is used.• Built-in AC switching power supply for universal usage and fast battery charge.• Smart 4-segment battery meter for accurate battery and charging status.• Industry’s only MTM-92 wireless transmitter option for interlinking multiple MA-708 portables wirelessly to extend transmission range & expand coverage.• Optional lithium rechargeable battery pack offering superior cycle life, half the weight and environmentally friendly• 3 power modes: AC, rechargeable battery and DC jack.• Suitable for tripod, floor or desk mount use• Available in black or white color.

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