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- Ohrhänger blau Iolith facettierter Quarz vergol
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Ohrhänger blau Iolith facettierter Quarz vergoldet In dem typischen Poolblau von Swiss-Blue-Topas funkelnd die bemerkenswert schön geschliffenen Quarze. Die kleinen, facettierten Iolithe, setzen den Quarz noch intensiver in Szene. Das Angebinde schwingt an mattvergoldeten Zweigen mit Blättchen. Die Ohrhaken werden mit Gummistoppern geliefert. Alle Metallteile sind hochwertig vergoldet. Der facettierte Quarz, fängt jeden Lichtstrahl ein. Ihre SWISS BLUE-OHRRINGE erreichen Sie hübsch verpackt und in einem stabilen Karton. Die Box kann bis zu 4 Schmuckstücke aufnehmen. gerne kombiniere ich Ihre Versandkosten. Happy shopping bei STEINREICH und SCHOEN! Herstellungsart wirework, handgearbeitet, wire wrapping Verwendete Materialien facettierter Iolit, Quarz (Synthetisch,gefärbt) Matt vergoldete Zweige, Ohrhaken GrößeMaßeGewicht Gesamtlänge ca. 4,5cm, Steine ca. 10mm im Durchmesser,

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The Bubonic Plague: Medicine & Inventions , Hör...
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Learn about the history of The Bubonic Plague with iMinds insightful audio knowledge series.Bubonic plague is widely regarded as being responsible for two of the most infamous plagues in recorded history - the Black Death in the mid-fourteenth century and the Great Plague of London in 1665. The causative organism of modern-day plague was discovered independently in 1894 by two bacteriologists: the Swiss born Dr. Alexandre Yersin and Dr. Shibasaburo Kitasato from Japan. Both were conducting research in Hong Kong during the third plague pandemic then occurring in Asia. Kitasato was working with the backing of the British authorities and had access to autopsies of plague victims at Kennedy Town Hospital. Yersin had to make do with a straw hut and was bribing grave diggers to allow him to cut samples from corpses prior to burial. Yersin was the first to correctly identify the plague bacillus, initially naming it Pasteurella pestis in honor of his French patron, Louis Pasteur. Perfect to listen to while commuting, exercising, shopping or cleaning the house.. iMinds brings knowledge to your MP3 with 8 minute information segments to whet your mental appetite and broaden your mind. iMinds offers 12 main categories; become a Generalist by increasing your knowledge of Business, Politics, People, History, Pop Culture, Mystery, Crime, Culture, Religion, Concepts, Science and Sport. Clean and concise, crisp and engaging, discover what you never knew you were missing. iMinds is the knowledge solution for the information age cutting through the white noise to give you quick, accurate knowledge .. Perfect your dinner party conversation, impress your boss - an excellent way to discover topics of interest for the future. 1. Language: English. Narrator: Ellouise Rothwell. Audio sample: Digital audiobook in aax.

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