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MARCO POLO Reiseführer Berlin englisch
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People have always been hooked on Berlin. The setting for momentous political and historical events and haven for various lifestyles and artistic movements, the city never stops reinventing itself. Despite its tumultuous past, today Berlin considers itself very much at the modern heart of Europe and is acknowledged as a trendsetter the world over. Surrounded by lakes and forests, offering plenty of recreational activities - it is also a place to find peace and tranquillity. Berlin is a metaphor for life, with all its highs and lows; at the interface between Western and Eastern Europe, the important things in life are tangible here. MARCO POLO Berlin guides you though a city of design, the city of The Wall and the metropolis that never closes. The practical, pocket-sized guide takes you on a tour through its endlessly varied museum and cultural landscape, and shows you its lively nightlife and enticing shops. The ´Where to Start´ panels highlight the best places to begin sightseeing, the best places to shop, and the trendiest places to go in the evening. The Insider Tips explain how to take a ride in the U-Bahn Cabrio (open-top metro) and where to buy violet mustard, milk grappa, and garlic chocolates. The Best Of pages highlight some unique aspects of Berlin, recommend places to go for free, and have tips for rainy days and where you can relax and unwind. Panels in each chapter suggest things to do if you´re on a tight budget and where to pick up some real bargains. The City Walks include exploring the past in the Hackesche Höfe (courtyards) and strolling along the line of the now vanished Wall. Excursions take you to the magnificent Prussian palace of Sanssouci and the waterside town of Köpenick with its historic centre. The Do´s & Don´ts explain why its best to steer clear of conjuring tricks, and the Travel Tips tell you why it´s best instead to put your money on the WellcomeCard. MARCO POLO Berlin provides comprehensive coverage of the city. To help you find your way around there´s a detailed street atlas inside, a useful public transport map in the backcover, plus a handy pull-out map.Experience all of Berlin´s attractions with this up-to date and authoritative guide, complete with ´Best Of´ recommendations. Discover hotels, restaurants and trendy nightlife venues, as well as numerous tips for shopping, and find out about festivals and events, sports and other activities. Also contains: Perfect Day, Travel Tips, Travel with Kids, Links, Blogs, Apps & more, German phrasebook and index.o THE BEST MARCO POLO HIGHLIGHTS o THE BEST INSIDER TIPS o BEST OF ... o INTRODUCTION o WHAT´S HOT o IN A NUTSHELL o THE PERFECT DAY o SIGHTSEEING o FOOD & DRINK o SHOPPING o ENTERTAINMENT o WHERE TO STAY o WALKING TOURS o TRAVEL WITH KIDS o FESTIVAL & EVENTS o LINKS, BLOGS, APPS & MORE o TRAVEL TIPS o USEFUL PHRASES o STREET ATLAS o INDEX & CREDITS o DOS & DON´TS!The publicist, editor and author Christine Berger has been living in the most exciting city on the planet for 25 years. Although she knows Berlin like the back of her hand, she still discovers something new every day. Accompanied by her husband and three daughters, she loves to walk for hours through the city, admiring local street art, trying new cafés or stopping by exhibits in galleries and museums.o including Insider Tips o street atlas and additional pull-out map o clear, user-friendly structure and layout o get your bearings with the most important ´Highlights´, the ´Where to Start´ panels and the ´Best Of´ pages featuring unique aspects of the city and, depending on your mood, places to go for free, tips for things to do when it´s raining and good places to relax

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