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James Rae presents 42 More modern studies for flute complementing the established Favourite: ´40 Modern Studies´.Again Pieces are from elementary to more advanced levels varying from modern Classical to Jazz and Rock. As the studies are technically demanding, they are all written in comfortable flute-orientated keys to allow the student to focus on interpretation. Each study is designed to improve the student´s musical as well as technical abilities. Snow Walk Tiny Waltz Swingin´ Joe Little March of the Soldier Ants Rock Buster Distant Shores Coconut Calypso Twilight Suede Shoe Blues Leaping Labradors Mouse Dance Highland Stroll Window Shopping From Another Planet Blue Sky Interlude Walk and Talk Haggis and Thistle On the Road The Cat on the Corner Candle in the Window Tick, Tick, Tick ... Brain Teaser Return Flight November Colours Syncopation Rag Round and About Nice, but Naughty! Hot Noodles Breakaway One-Part Invention Golden Threads Oddness Scherzetto Loops Coastal Reflections The Funkmeister Tongue Twister Box of Frogs The Devil´s Jig Staccato Toccata Hocus-Pocus Rocket Science

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