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Shopping Bag Violetta Collage small
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Shopping Bag Violetta Collage small mit Tragegriffen Sehr detailliert gearbeitet - sehr gute Qualität. Abmessungen ca: 10 x 37 x 33 cm

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Stand: Jan 7, 2019
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Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is: Guide to He...
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Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is! answers questions big and small: What are whole foods? How do we phase the processed stuff out and the whole foods in? How do we know what to look for among the glut of choices at the grocery store? Is organic food really worth it? And what the heck is a CSA? In short, how do we navigate our way out of a food maze that was seemingly designed to trap us into consuming an endless cycle of cheap, processed, packaged junk? First, you´ll discover the four steps. These are all-important, easy-to-remember principles that touch on everything from goals to budgeting, and they´ll help steer you in the right direction every time you set out to buy food for you and your family. With these guideposts in mind, you´ll then learn all about the staples that constitute a nutrient-dense diet. From organic meats and produce to raw dairy products to freshly milled grains, you´ll learn why these foods are important, where to find them, and most importantly, how to make sure you´re getting superior nutrition from them. By the end of Section II, you´ll know if you should: Cook your meat rare or well-done. Consume visibly gelatinous bone broth. Eat eggs from chickens raised on soy. (For that matter, if you should eat soy.) Drink raw or pasteurized milk and cream. Consume full-fat, low-fat, or nonfat dairy products. Soak and/or ferment your legumes and grains before cooking them. Invest in your own home flour mill. Buy iodized salt. Drink distilled water. Buy nuts and seeds from bulk bins. Cook with canola or vegetable oil. Feed your pets cooked food. Purchase over-the-counter skin care treatments that tout collagen and antioxidants. Of course, nobody ever said that changing eating habits for the better is easy, especially for little ones. But Put Your Money W... 1. Language: English. Narrator: K. Gomez, Stephanie Selene Anderson. Audio sample: Digital audiobook in aax.

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Stand: Dec 17, 2018
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