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Forensics: Crime, War & Conflict , Hörbuch, Dig...
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Learn about the science of Forensics with iMinds insightful audio knowledge series. Forensics is the use of science to solve crimes. The word ´´forensics” comes from the Latin term ´´for ensis”, which is closely related to the modern English word ´´forum”. This close connection highlights the strong linkage between forensic evidence and courts - or forums - of law. The aim of forensic science is to find evidence which can be used in a court of law. Forensic science has been used in some form for much of human history. For example, in 13th century China, writer Song Ci wrote how to examine a body to determine whether a victim had been drowned or strangled. Water in the lungs meant drowning. And broken cartilage in the neck signified strangulation had taken place. But forensics has developed a lot in the last 800 years! Perfect to listen to while commuting, exercising, shopping or cleaning the house.. iMinds brings knowledge to your MP3 with 8 minute information segments to whet your mental appetite and broaden your mind. iMinds offers 12 main categories, become a Generalist by increasing your knowledge of Business, Politics, People, History, Pop Culture, Mystery, Crime, Culture, Religion, Concepts, Science and Sport.. Clean and concise, crisp and engaging, discover what you never knew you were missing. Make your MP3 smarter with iMinds MindTracks, intersperse with music and enjoy learning a little about a lot.. knowledge of your own choice and in your own time. 1. Language: English. Narrator: Ellouise Rothwell. Audio sample: Digital audiobook in aax.

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