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The Patient Pupil of Nature: The Work and Visio...
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Daniel Graves is a man of many talents. He juggles his responsibilities of being a painter, a teacher, the director of The Florence Academy of Art, a husband, and a father remarkably well. He knew from the age of three or four who he wanted to be. His career launched when he was 11 years old. ´´It was an art show in a local shopping mall; I entered something and I won the first prize,´´ he says, smiling. He studied with many artists including Richard Lack, Richard Serrin, and Signorina Simi, and received regular critiques from Pietro Annigoni. He admits never to have studied with anyone for a long period of time because of the family responsibilities towards a wife and a child since the age of 21. He wants his students to be authentic, and encourages them to find their own voice. Artists who are on the ´´same team´´ as him sometimes criticize Florence Academy. His response to that is simple. ´´We need allies and not critics because what we all trying to do is extremely difficult. To make art that is beautiful is very hard.´´ 1. Language: English. Narrator: Bruno Belmar. Audio sample: Digital audiobook in aax.

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